Dates for 2021 are in preparation.

As a result of constantly changing regulatory requirements during the coronavirus pandemic, we can only announce Heidi's venues at short notice.

See you around! For sure! Until then, goodbye and all the best!

Alongside an exciting ride experience, the rollercoaster also features a range of technical highlights that set new standards in travelling rollercoasters:

Year of manufacture: 2019

Manufacturer: Reverchon, France

TÜV Süd certification in accordance with DIN EN 13814, Inspection Book No. V6325 TBy

Power: 150 kW

Fastest ascent in the world for travelling rollercoasters, at around 21 km/h

Power lift to a height of 13 metres

Sloping curves at a 30-degree angle

Top speeds of up to 57 km/h

Freely rotating, four-seater cars with individual restraint bars for each passenger, individual sound system in each car

Photobooth/souvenir with special frame

All material and technology used complies with the latest ecological standards

Hygiene concept

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© R. Schimanzik für Heidi The Coaster
© G. Hildenbrandt für Heidi The Coaster
© Schneider + Co. OHG

Hi, we're the Schneiders!

Originating from two of the most famous showman dynasties, Ewald Schneider and Christina Bruch-Schneider symbolise a wealth of funfair expertise. Their rides provide the best entertainment at the largest fairground venues in Germany, such as Munich’s Oktoberfest, the Cannstatter Wasen, the ‘Largest fair on the Rhine’ (Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes), the Cranger Kirmes and Hamburg Cathedral. In neighbouring countries (e.g. Schueberfouer Luxembourg, Autumn Fair Basel, Winter Wonderland London), the fairground family is also a welcome guest.

Hangover the Tower (a spectacular free-fall tower with a height of 85 metres), Heidi, the new Boost Spinning Coaster and the enchanting Christmas village, the House of St. Nicholas, are just some of the attractions on tour at the moment that delight visitors young and old.

Awards from the Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes and the Cranger Kirmes just go to show the industry and the public’s high regard for the company. In recognition of extraordinary achievements and long-standing contributions to these two mega fairs, the Schneider family has been awarded prizes such as the ‘Best of Crange’.

Now with Ewald Jr., Victoria and Walter, the next generation is already in place. The siblings are already fully integrated into the company and are looking forward to continuing the showman family tradition.